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Dr. Roitman is Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in addition to General Adult Psychiatry. These qualifications assure his ability to diagnose and treat patients of any age, in any category.

Dr. Roitman conducts accurate and comprehensive workups. His procedures and treatments are guided by the best tradition of medicine and psychiatry and focus on patient needs, independent of the restraints of insurance regulation and managed care. Accountability to his patients and their families is his top priority.

Dr. Roitman's strengths include his depth of training and clinical experience that helps him recognize strengths of personal functioning, and areas that could be improved. He considers the impact of medications and medical conditions, environmental, interpersonal and neuropsychiatric factors on a patient's well-being. He understands the complex integration of psychopharmacology (medication), psychotherapy and counseling. The majority of his clinical work is consultation, diagnostics, and second opinions. After the consultation, Dr. Roitman will refer patients for medical or psychological testing or workups only if necessary, and recommend quality medical and mental health professions for a total care plan.

Treatment plans are initiated after a frank discussion of the diagnosis, associated factors, and treatment options that may, or may not, include medication. Dr. Roitman has a deep understanding of the psychological, familial, social, and biological nature of emotional disorders, motivations and behavior. He has a clear, down-to-earth manner and maintains the highest level of professional conduct.